What’s in a name? Zoaroo’s root name, Zoar, is a place of refuge; sanctuary; haven; safe place.
Etymology: From Zoar, one of five ancient cities in the Jordan valley?

Why Zoaroo?
Things happen when you are riding. Sometimes it’s not so easy to get help when you are down:

  • Fatigued and dropped by the group
  • Mechanical failure
  • If you crash and need assistance; First Aid; life threatening emergencies
  • Biked off more than you can do
Solution: ZOAROO to the rescue!
3 Reasons you should try ZOAROO:
  1. Speed of service. Zoaroo bike mechanics come along local group rides to support cyclists by delivering new equipment and quick repairs when their bicycles are rendered immobile.
  2. Safety and support for all demographics. Zoaroo improves the safety of all cyclists and encourage newcomers—attracting a diverse audience of non-cyclists into the cycling space.
  3. Gives back to the local community. Zoaroo hires local skilled mechanics and creates jobs for youths by partnering with non-profit youth programs, such as Baltimore Youth Kinetic Energy Collective (BYKE). Zoaroo creates a safe space for training young people who have an interest in repairing bikes.
Zoaroo photographers/videographers will occasionally come on rides to capture those magical moments!


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